Personal Hygiene & Grooming

Is your loved one smelling pleasant each time you visit them? Do they look disheveled or untidy? Are they still wearing the same clothes you last saw them in when you visited? Answering yes to any of the above could be a sign that your loved one needs more hands on deck, to help with their daily hygiene.

Find ways to make the processes simple. Is the bathroom easily accessible? Is the bathroom warm enough? Do they need a shower seat? Are they struggling with picking out clothes; are the clothes they have easier to put on? There are so many questions you will have to answer also in terms of oral hygiene too. You will have to get to the root cause of the current state of affairs, allow them to do their best, and assist with what they are not able to do daily.

Talk to us about getting our professionally trained care providers to provide professional solutions you can rely on with peace of mind.

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