“Our Mission is to ensure that our seniors and elders have a choice to stay at home.”

Love & Compassion (LC) Senior Care Services is a non-medical home health agency, locally owned and in Tucson Arizona. Our Mission is to ensure that our seniors and elders have a choice to stay at home. Where they have built their lifetime memories with family and friends. Home where they are familiar with their environment, and is easier to navigate. With Aging comes a lot of changes in the human body. We at Love and Compassion believe that eliminating the stress of having to move into a facility by all means possible, is the way to go. Seniors should be able to stay in their own homes, and still get the best of care they deserve. With love, and with compassion. We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality non medical needs, and ADL’s so they can live safely, and comfortably in their homes. We understand the changes aging brings, and we are here to help navigate through it, by helping make the journey as smooth as possible.

About the Owner

Growing up, I was lucky and blessed to be surrounded by people who understood what it meant to care for other humans. Regardless of their background, or creed.

I looked forward to going with my grandma; a devoted Presbyterian, and her women fellowship group on Sundays to the town hospital where they will sing, pray for the sick, and also provide baskets of fruits to the patients in the wards. I saw my mom cook and feed her neighbors and literally everyone who walked into her home. Some people mostly came for the food :).

I saw my first cousin twice removed, who was a village midwife, not only delivering babies, but also cooked for the new mom. Patched people with medical concerns and other life threatening emergencies up, to literally buy them some time, until they could get transported to a medical hospital~about 6hrs, 37min away on foot or if the person is lucky enough, there might be a truck passing through to take the patient.

All these selfless gestures stayed with me, and shaped my personality as I grew up and became part of me as a person.

I am passionate about the needs of seniors and continually advocate for them because of my grandma, and her cousin. I wasn’t able to travel back home to see my grandma, or take care of her when she became older and unable to. I was not able to care for her like I would have loved to, and she passed away. Every senior my team and I are able to care for, or provide these life enhancing services to, is me paying tribute to my grandma who loved selflessly, and gave of herself to others around her. It’s my way of sharing the compassion and love she instilled in me as a child. I worked in assisted living homes as a caregiver, worked as a manager and have been working with seniors since 2004. Started Love & Compassion Senior Care Services, September of 2019. I know first hand what it means to care for someone, be empathetic and compassionate. I will advocate for your loved ones needs as if they were my own family. I am not just a business owner, I have been at both sides of the spectrum, and with that, can comfortably say my team and I should be your first choice in your search. I will ensure your loved one receives professional, and consistent care you can rely on, while at the same time providing you with peace of mind.